what we can do for you

Our core network currently comprises nearly three thousand high-ranking individuals from politics, business and culture. These include board members, managing directors, parliamentarians, media managers and artists from Germany, Europe, USA, South Africa and Asia. In addition, these partners represent access and contacts to nearly eleven thousand of the most important entrepreneurs and industrialists in Germany.


As diverse as these personalities and their tasks are, so are the opportunities and utilization possibilities of this network. We ask for your trust, just as the people of our network trust us. Only in a personal conversation can we explore possibilities for your individual inquiry. We therefore ask you to contact us for a confidential assessment of your specific needs.



Why we are what we are

All members of the adMONDO team are experienced individuals with experience as board members, managing directors, and parliamentarians.

Each member is happy to take responsibility for the intensive care of a part of our network.

We regard the relationship work with our network members and our clients not as a one-way street, but as a sustained social mission.

Our commitment to various socio-politically active associations, such as The Economic Council of the CDU e.V., are an indicator of our interest and our sense of duty towards the welfare and strengthening of the German economy.

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Are you looking for contacts to personalities from business, culture and politics?

With our living network of more than three thousand top representatives from the executive boards, parliaments and the cultural landscape, we can most likely help you. Talk to us about your request.

Are you looking for a successor to your company?

We have access to more than eleven thousand potential successors from all sectors and company sizes. Among these, there should be someone who fits well with your company and you, right? We carefully analyze the strengths of your company and act discreetly, purposefully and quickly.

Sponsorship, would you like some more?

All major companies from all over the world have significant budgets for so-called “social marketing”. Do you have a sports, art or cultural project that deserves the attention of prominent companies and the public? We are specialists in obtaining sponsorship funding and other sponsorship services.

Your business idea is good, but the money…!

Unfortunately, the question of entrepreneurship, business founding and business finance are not sufficiently addressed by German politics. This also reflects the mood in the banking and investor landscape. On the other hand, a failure of successful capital fundraises is often due to a lack of professionalism of the company’s founders. With our extensive and excellent contacts in the banking and investor landscape, we are a successful partner for both sides. We do not provide you with a miracle recipe for company financing, but with practically realizable and individualized paths to success.

Trade seeks change, more and more!

Unfortunately, industry and trade are not always natural partners. The market power of trade and the growing self-conception of industry are not always compatible. On the other hand, both trade and industry depend on innovative ideas. Why should, for example, the discount retailer not also sell electricity? Our ideas and outstanding relationships with the supervisory boards and management boards of almost all the major trading houses have already given birth to unconventional ideas and helped to develop them into breakthrough successes.

Thank you for your interest!

This is just a small and arbitrary selection of ideas on how to use our network to your benefit and advantage. Talk to us about your request. While we cannot always help, it is always worth a conversation to find out if we can.