“The world does not suffer from a lack of ideas, but from a lack of their consistent implementation.”

This simple yet sobering realization of the “Club of Rome” stuck with me. And thus the idea for the foundation of adMONDO arose 15 years ago


What would happen if there was a company with the mission to bring together the best ideas from research and industry and to jointly bring successful products to marketability?


Once on its way, adMONDO quickly developed into an international competence center for the identification of promising high-tech projects and products. Together with experts from industry, finance and marketing, we have developed methods and procedures that ensure a rapid and comprehensive assessment of which ideas are suitable for which industrial partners.


The international adMONDO network of politics, research, business and culture has now become an internationally unique platform for the implementation of promising ideas into sustainable value creation for patent owners and patent assignees.