New international agreement

adMONDO is pleased to announce a new international agreement. Since 7/1/2017, an agreement exists with Energy Florida Inc., a non-profit organization based in Cape Canaveral, USA, to provide mutual support for the marketing of energy-related products, projects and collaborations. Energy Florida is a successful specialist in the identification and development of novel energy generation solutions and associated technologies.


The first joint project consists of the marketing of a new solar-based supplementary heating system, which is produced from recycled plastic. “This heater is characterized by an above-average efficiency, easy installation and low cost,” says Mike Aller, CEO of Energy Florida. “We are sure that adMONDO with its exceptional network will be able to facilitate the quick and sustainable market introduction of this product in Germany and Europe”.


This agreement on strategic cooperation also helps adMONDO to provide its customers with easier access to the US market. After all, Germany is a leader in the development of novel technologies in the energy sector. With Energy Florida, we have found a partner with exceptional expertise in the identification and assessment of such technologies. The business and political network of Energy Florida is optimally complementary to our networks in Germany and Europe, according to Hans v. Helldorff, CEO of adMONDO.


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Energy Florida:

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